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Mystique En Route

Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself...

I am Mystique Boivert Owner and CEO of Boutique Boivert. I have been traveling about Mexico for almost 4 months now and have just decided to start blogging to "officially"' document my journey. You see I didn't know how long I was going to be in Mexico or exactly where I was going to go. Well, I had a few cities in mind, those with specific points of interest that I knew of and wanted to visit. What I hadn't planned on, was the direction my travels would take me.

My main reason for coming to Mexico was quite simply, to learn Spanish. This was something I had been saying I was going to do for some time now. Like many, the pandemic gave me time to think (I even took a Spanish course- don't ask #fail). Add to that; my main gig ended at the start of the pandemic, and my "side gig" which became my main gig, quickly becoming a point of personal stress. Soooo, on the verge of burn-out and frankly, a lack of desire to continue living in post- COVID New York City, I just said FUCK IT!

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is composed of 32 federative entities (31 states and the capital). IT IS HUGE!! Who Knew???? I didn't ** Input Disclaimer** This is A Judgment Free Space (JFS)! Thank you! :) Ok where was I? Yes, Mexico. I have been in towns with altitudes that made breathing difficult. Places so cold I had to sleep under comforters and wonders so grand they've topped many a world-lists. It has been such an experience!!

In the last decade, Mexico has been seeing a steady rise in visitors as well as Expats and Digital Nomads moving here. I am often asked what it is like to live and travel in Mexico. I will share some of my resources such as transportation (Uber is not everywhere), my favorite cities, and places to stay. I have my own experience being here and navigating around Mexico as a; Black, Haitian, American, Woman, Solo traveler. Trust me, each thing, is a thing, and I will share my stories on how. I will discuss my opinions on the aforementioned and on other topics such as safety in Mexico and tips on "What to know before you go".

If this is of interest to you then be sure to subscribe below and stay tuned! If you have been following me or know anything about me, then you know this will be an interesting ride! Let me know you if there is a particular place or thing in Mexico you'd like to know more about. I look forward to your comments.

Oh, and am I speaking Spanish yet?... Jury still out on that :0

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Wow, nice :) Sounds amazing!!!

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