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México te quiero mucho!

Sitting having my morning coffee and checking my emails and of course social media. I just finished reading a post from a writer who I admire and have been following for some time now. I haven't really kept abreast on all of her activities as Mexico has been keeping me a little busy, lol. Like me, the woman had been traveling and living abroad. I'm not quite clear on what bought her to Africa, but she had been there for some time now. Her latest post spoke of her sadness over leaving even though the choice had been hers. She told of the beauty of the land, and new bonds formed. What stuck out for me was when she listed all the things which had bothered her while there, but that now she had already begun to miss them. Small inconveniences that were very troublesome at the time. It made me think of Mexico because I too will have to leave soon. I could relate. As I sit outside on this darling balcony off my bedroom in this place where I am staying at in Cancun: watching a dragonfly flutter from flower to flower, I can't help but fixate over the new mosquito bites I am feeling now on my legs and I question, would I really miss this??!!

Immediately, yes! Even as I try to avoid itching off the scabs on my old bite, and sooth the new ones, I know that I will miss it. It was all part of the experience, the journey. I have seen, learned, and I have grown. Shoot I stayed in places I thought I would NEVER- another story for another time. Yes, the trip has not been without its challenges, but for what Mexico has given me and taught me about myself, those cannot compare, and I will miss it all.

México te quiero mucho!


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